Program Goals

8 ways to grow a Beaver camper

Beaver makes learning fun. Kids have such a good time at camp, they may not realize all of the ways that they are growing and further developing skills.

climbing-wallEach of Beaver’s programs is designed around 8 important goals:

  • Socialization: Making and maintaining relationships
  • Independence: Learning to rely less on adults and more on themselves
  • Teamwork: Working effectively in groups 
  • Perceived Competence: Believing that they can be successful
  • Curiosity for Exploration: Demonstrating interest, inquisitiveness and eagerness to learn new things
  • Responsibility for Self and Others: Learning to be accountable for their own actions and developing a sense of responsibility for their impact on others
  • Problem-Solving Confidence: Knowing that they have the ability to resolve problems
  • Camp Connectedness: Feeling welcomed and supported at camp

And, if what Beaver parents/caregivers tell us is any indication, it’s working. Through parent survey feedback, the data shows us reported camper growth in each of these skill domains.