10 Ways Beaver’s Incredible Aquatics Staff makes Swimming Fun and Safe!


Everybody swims every day – and that makes us all very, very happy! Here are some of the many reasons why swimming at Beaver is so awesome:

  1. Inventing on-the-spot “Bob Stories” to warm up in the pool (ask your camper to demonstrate!)
  2. Lifeguard rotations every 20 minutes
  3. Singing catchy and interactive songs like Slippery Fish and The Pirate Song
  4. Playing fun and interactive games like Motorboat, Swim to Shore and Cannon Fire
  5. Buddy checks every 10 minutes during free-swims
  6. Exiting and entertaining names for maneuvers and activities – like Blastoffs, Rocket Ships, and Peanut Butter and Jelly Kicks
  7. A comfortably-heated teaching pool – along with an awesome wading pool and the much loved “Big Pool”
  8. Programmatic consideration of camper ages and developmental stages (new this summer: the Dolphin group for advanced Lower Campers swimmers!)
  9. Super-fantastic pool devices and gadgets for support, instruction, and fun
  10.  Ultra-competent and experienced lifeguards and instructors – who are also friendly, kind and enthusiastic

Be sure to contact us for information about private lessons after camp hours or on weekends!