2015 Photos on SmugMug

“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.” Andy Warhol

We hope that your children changed in many positive ways through their experience at Beaver this past summer. Those changes came about through so many individual moments in time, many of which were captured by our camp photographers. Mae Hogan and Sarah Reid spent every day observing and shooting photos of camp life. And while all of those photos have already been shared through Facebook, we wanted to create an e11855728_10153418946681210_4317664205584943002_nasier way for you to access them. The following link takes you to our new SmugMug site where all of our 2015 photos are organized by program and session. We encourage you to go back through them with your camper to relive the memorable moments of their Beaver experience. SmugMug also gives you the choice to download or print images for a reasonable fee.

SmugMug Site

And if you ever have a need for the services of a professional photographer, I encourage you to consider Mae Hogan. She did such a great job for us this summer and is an experienced freelancer specializing in portraits
and events. Contact her directly through her website Mae Hogan Photography.