2015’s First Golden Beaver Challenge

11061209_10153323539501210_5373053018165406401_nMiddle Campers and counselors arrived on campus this week eagerly anticipating many things about their first summer session, chief among them the very first Golden Beaver Challenge of the summer. This week’s challenge was for the campers to collectively create a storybook that recounts the (fictional) origin of their group names. Counselors entertained the Middle Camper crowds in Bradley Hall after lunch today by enthusiastically reading the books aloud while the images were projected on a giant screen behind them.

Through colorful and graphically impressive artwork and inspired prose, we  learned about the Stargazers’ quest for the Golden Beaver, about the Navigators’ encounters with ghosts in their travels, and about the Vikings’ journeys on the ocean. We learned that the ocean-faring Whalers helped a mommy whale find her babies, that the Voyagers emigrated the moons of Mars, and the Buccaneers hailed from a deserted island.

Proudly earning caretaking rights for the Golden Beaver this week were the excited Whalers. The Silver Beaver will be spending the week with the Explorers, and the Bronze Beaver will be cared for by the Vikings. We can’t wait to find out what’s in store for next week’s Golden Beaver Challenge!