Becoming a Deep Ender

That little orange bracelet means a whole lot to Senior Camper Clara.  “I’m FINALLY a deep ender!” She cheers gleefully. What does it mean to be a “deep ender” anyway?  It means that campers have demonstrated the strength and skill necessary to safely swim in the 12 foot deep section of the pool.  To receive […]

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Welcome to The Jungle!

Now in it’s second year at Beaver Summer Camp, the Jungle provides campers of all ages with hours of fun and games! When it became evident that construction on the school’s new Research and Design Center would require the camp to relocate it’s playground, Camp Director Nat Saltonstall’s goal was not simply to find a […]

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It’s Raining… But Beaver Camp Fun Goes On!

It’s raining!  Ugh… What kind of fun could campers possibly have if it’s RAINING outside? (You may be asking yourself)… Well, here at Beaver Camp there is still plenty of fun to be had by all campers when it rains! “Since we can’t control Mother Nature, counselors find creative ways to keep activities going and […]

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