Camper doing the Leap of Faith

Brave campers take the Leap of Faith

Adventure Challenge is a class and elective where campers climb up into the air on our ropes coarse. During this elective Senior Campers sometimes (if they are lucky) get to do the Leap of Faith. Here is how the Leap of Faith works. One at a time, campers climb up a pole to the top […]

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What’s cooking today?

  Cooking is a favorite class and elective at Beaver Summer Camp. Every day campers learn a new recipe, basic baking techniques, and kitchen safety. To top it all off, the campers get to either eat their yummy creations after they make them or bring them home for later. During one cooking class, campers learned […]

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Session 1 CITs

CITs take a well deserved trip to Apex Entertainment

Our session one Counselors In Training (CIT) have spent the last few weeks helping counselors work with younger campers, learning behavior management, team-building, communication and activity leadership. The CIT group is made up of people ages 13 to 15, who work for four weeks helping out in different camp groups and activities. Through this program, […]

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