What does a typical day at Beaver Summer Camp look like?


Campers in from of the camp

This is a hard question to answer because there is always something new going on at camp! Whether it be a new specialty camp starting like Go Baby Go!, a Theme Day like Tropical Day, or even a special celebration like the 4th of July Extravaganza, there is always so much to experience. Despite the huge amounts of fun and brand new activities happening at all times at camp, there is never any chaos due to the planned out daily schedules and Beaver Country Day’s large campus.

Camp Director Nat Saltonstall describes a typical day at camp as, “endless joy from one corner of campus to the other.”

If you visit camp you will see campers everywhere! They will be spread out doing activities and projects in the classrooms, playing games on the Upper and Lower fields, climbing up in the air at Adventure Challenge, and even taking swim lessons and doing handstands down at the pool. Between activities campers can be found singing “Put Your Finger on the Wall” as they travel to and from classes, eating fruit popsicles on Friday, and posing with their friends for the camp photographers. There is truly so much for a camper to do at Beaver Summer Camp.

Here is a video that captures exactly what it is like all around campus at any time at Beaver Summer Camp.