An Amazing Race!

Drop off on Tuesday morning found campers excited and full of energy.  This is the day of the Amazing Race, a camp wide challenge event!  Middle, upper, and senior camps combined efforts in mixed teams announced first thing after carpool.  Groups spent their morning competing in team events, earning “points” in the form of stamps and stickers along the way.

We connected with Jeff, Performing Arts Director and one of the masterminds behind the Amazing Race event.  In its first year, the Amazing Race challenge was designed to be a fun and challenging cross-age event, providing opportunities for older kids to demonstrate leadership characteristics.  “Mixed groups allow older kids to connect with younger campers, to support them and to model good sportsmanship.”  says Jeff.

In groups of 18-22 campers (along with 2 counselors), teams rotated between challenges. Fun events included the “costume relay” where kids assembled their craziest outfit, posed for the “paparazzi”, then passed the outfit components to the next teammate.  Other events were the woodshop carpentry challenge, classic Pictionary, an archery and bouldering challenge, an obstacle course, a Jungle scavenger hunt, pedal carts track race, among others. Completing a challenge meant the team earned a stamp on their passport.  Exceptional teamwork or sportsmanship could allow teams to earn a “turbo sticker” worth multiple stamps!

“Although the event was competition based, our goal was really have campers having fun but also provide an opportunity to try new events outside of their comfort zone.  It gives kids a chance to grow in new ways. For example, a kid who hasn’t ever selected woodshop as an elective may realize he/she has been missing out!” Jeff continues.

From the buzz at lunch, it seems like campers of all ages really enjoyed the morning event.  Eliana, a senior camper says “Climbing was my favorite part of the event.  I really loved getting to know the middle campers in my group and helping them on the climbing wall!”

The Amazing Race (season 1) was a success!  We look forward to completing the event again next year!