And the Golden Beaver Goes To…

International Golden Beaver Day… widely regarded in middle camp circles as the biggest, loudest, most fun event at Beaver Summer Camp!  As the competition heats up at the Golden Beaver Challenge, camp groups are ready to go head-to-head, eager to show their stuff and take home the coveted Golden Beaver!

So… what is the Golden Beaver you might ask… and what is the Golden Beaver Challenge?

Now in it’s 9th year, the Golden Beaver Challenge tests the creativity of campers, posing a host of objectives designed to showcase their teamwork, creativity, and sheer determination. Each Friday after lunch, campers or counselors from Middle Camp present their group’s work to guest judges from around camp vote on the determine winners.  Gold, silver, and bronze Beaver statues are awarded to groups based on the judges votes for the week’s challenge.  Past challenges have included dance competitions, obstacle challenges, movie montages, and artwork.

This year’s International Golden Beaver Day events took place on Tuesday, marking the culmination of all the hard work and dedication middle campers pour into their challenges each week.  It was none other than the counselors, dressed in GOLD (of course) that squared off in a variety of hilarious challenges. Between hula hooping, the pie eating contest, the tasting challenge, and tricky trivia, the energy was out of this world!

Despite intense competition, it was the Voyagers that took home the top prize, the Golden Beaver!! Congrats to all groups that participated this year!  Counselors and campers alike are already looking forward to another chance at winning the Golden Beaver… but until then, the Voyager team will relish in their big win!

To see more photos of the event, check out Facebook here!