The Beaver pools are beautiful – and cool and refreshing on a hot summer day. The lifeguards are experienced, friendly, and well, just awesome. These are among the many reasons why campers love to spend their time out swimming every day – some as many as three times in one day! They splash, they play, […]

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2016 – Best Summer Ever!

What an incredible summer at Beaver! The introduction of The Jungle. Pedal Karts and the Speedway. Golden Beaver Challenges. The Carnival – even in the rain! The Dam on upper field to cool us off. Fourth of July Celebrations and performances. Fun field Trips. Wacky and memorable Spirit Days. The Circus. Beaver off Broadway Performances. […]

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Competition for AC/DC – Building the Band, Week One

Jack. Alex. Sam. Samantha. Colin –  what rock stars they are! The quintet comprised Week One’s Band, cleverly named AB/CD and they worked – and played – all week, in preparation for Friday’s concert. Interviewing the musicians, we learned a few things about them and about their exciting experience in the rockin’ specialty camp. Ages […]

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