Beaver Summer Camp: A Family Affair!

Beaver Summer Camp is not only a wonderful place to be a kid during the summer, it’s also great to be a staff member!  Today we caught up with CIT Director Alan, who has 5 family members currently working at camp for the summer.

Viviane, Alan’s wife, began her journey at Beaver camp almost two decades ago as a reading specialist.  As the couple’s family grew, they were eager to enroll their children in Beaver’s lower camp.  Their oldest daughter, Rebecca, began at camp as a duckling and is now a lifeguard and swim instructor at the camp’s pool! Sons Matt and Ben, also lifelong campers, are now in the CIT program.

We talked with Alan about his family’s experience at Beaver Summer Camp, and what keeps them coming back year after year.  His said that Beaver is simply a great place to grow.

As a parent, he “loves the enthusiasm of the counselors, the sense of community, and trusts his kids to be supported and cared for at camp every day.”  Staff are quick to help each other, providing great role models as his children grew into counselors themselves.  As a staff member, he sees that “counselors truly love what they do and love working with kids.”  He appreciates the opportunities he has in his staff role to try new things to help the CIT  program grow and the kids to succeed at camp and in life!

The most rewarding aspect of his family’s experience at Beaver Summer Camp has been watching his three children grow into independent, responsible, and compassionate people through their time here.  He attributes this growth to the supportive and loving camp environment.


“We love it at Beaver Camp and wouldn’t have our summers any other way!” Alan exclaims!