13886912_10154198983791210_6311478112144660600_nWhen Beaver campers are expecting a carnival, they get a carnival – even in the rain! This Tuesday’s weather surprised us all, but in true Beaver spirit, we were ready. Our outstanding counselors brought their sunny dispositions and amazing energy, and CITs did an outstanding job operating many of the Beaver-themed amusements. Campers had a ball on the inflatables – it’s hard to say which was more popular: the castle, the giraffe, the bungee run or the basketball arena; they loved them all! The dunk tank, as always, was a huge hit, and the yummy treats fueled campers as they were tattooed, got their faces painted, and received awesome balloon creations.13895022_10154198982611210_3634079304071894848_n

In fact,  we think the carnival may even have proven to be more fun because of the excitement brought by the rain after all. And we forgive the meteorologists for being off in their calculations.  Enjoy this video that highlights footage from the day’s excitement – and this video showcasing some of the stunning photography captured by our talented photographers, Mae and Matt.