Beaver Kicks off the Fourth in Style!

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Campers and counselors arrived on campus in donned in their festive ensembles of red, white and blue, gung-ho to seize the day. The morning’s festivities began with Beaver’s fifth annual dance-off and electives display, which was enthusiastically attended by campers from all of the general camp groups and featured the Beaver’s first appearance of the summer. The event was masterfully emceed by Sports Director Chris Lamar and Music Specialist Nick Burka.

In true patriotic style, senior camper Stella reprized her impressive execution of the National Anthem. After revered CIT director Alan Reinstein’s rousing rendition of his original song, The Beaver Way, the rockin’ choreographed dances featuring the counselors, directors, specialists, and CITs kicked off. Judges Nat Saltonstall and Sue Leip certainly had their work cut out for them, as all of the performances were outstanding. In the end, the tie between Senior Camp counselors and the CITs was broken with the aid of a clap-o-meter, and the deserving and exuberant CITs were triumphant. The dance competition was followed by fabulous camper performances in which several electives ensembles showcased their dance, drama, singing and lip-syncing talents and hard work.

A concise program of the morning’s events:

  • Counselor and Specialist Dances:
    • Camp-wide Specialists rocked along with Rihanna’s Work and DNCE’s Cake by the Ocean
    • Senior Camp counselors and directors dramatically and rhythmically interpreted Adele’s Hello and My Boo by Ghost Town DJ
    • Upper Camp counselors and directors wowed the crowd with one surprise after another to a medley including patriotic songs, Springsteen’s Born in the USA and Justin Beiber’s Baby
    • Middle Camp counselors and directors kicked it old school to an impressively choreographed Grease medley
    • Counselors in Training put their hearts and souls into their sensational performance to Chris Brown’s Forever
    • Lower Camp counselors and directors boogied along with Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop this Feeling
  • Electives Performances:
    • Awesome Jazz Dancers performed an adorably-spirited routine to Beach Boys’ Surfin’ USA
    • The Drama Elective enacted their thoughtful and informative Skits highlighting Beaver Camp’s Programmatic Goals
    • The Parody Elective showcased their original lyrics to Camp Thrills (to the tune of Sia’s Cheap Thrills)
    • The Dance Elective executed a memorable routine to Firestone’s We Light up the World

After leaving the show, our patriotic Lower Campers completed their morning in the front circle, where they participated in a time-honored Fourth of July tradition that involved face painting, patriotic crafts, donning of red white and blue hats, tattoo application, singing, flag waving, parading, and finally popsicle eating! Be sure to ask your sweet and cuddly Lower Camper to share the lyrics and motions of This Land is Your Land with you!

Upper Campers enjoyed the first segment in a two part series of the third annual Liberty Cup Challenge. In today’s events the campers were delighted spectators as their beloved counselors sportingly participated in a patriotic trivia tournament. When they responded to increasingly challenging questions incorrectly, they were generously doused with ice water from the Liberty Cup. When they answered all correctly, they got to spray campers. Next week campers will actively partake in patriotic-themed physical and mental events.

Everyone on campus enjoyed a delicious barbecue lunch prepared by our amazing culinary staff and reveled in a multitude of other fantastic camp activities throughout the afternoon. Beaver campers and counselors should all sleep well tonight!

As always, don’t forget to check out postings of photos on facebook and smug mug and videos on youtube of camp memories and highlights – today and every day throughout the summer!