Beaver off Broadway – Take Two!

11223963_10153371368386210_2628910537861121033_nBeaver off Broadway is back with a brand new original play, A Divine Display! The enchanting script is written by Zoe Clayton, who has worked with the celebrated specialty camp for several seasons now. A Divine Display is the tale of three adventurous girls who are warned by a security guard to depart from a museum by midnight. However, they ignore his advice, stay past closing, and hide in the museum’s goddess display.  At midnight, statues of the Greek, Egyptian, Roman, and Hindu goddesses miraculously come to life. Among the group is a trouble-making goddess named Eris (the Greek goddess of chaos) who hates friendship. Consequently, she tries to turn the divine beings against one another by asking the girls to judge them in a dance contest. We’ll leave you wondering how the play ends. Come see the performance on Friday, July 31st.

Lucky campers will write their own character bio and learn many interesting facts about mythology. They will also design their own costumes and help create the set. We can’t wait to see what they come up with! A Divine Display includes fun songs by Katy Perry, The Bangles, and a favorite from the movie Aladdin, and each camper will have a solo during the performance!

For more information about Beaver off Broadway, check out details on our website.