Beaver Staff Updates

We recently asked our staff what they were up to this fall and received a number of responses. Here are a few:

Sam Bensley, Athletic Director – I just began graduate school this fall to earn a degree in counseling.

Marcela Sahinidis, Lower Camp Float Counselor – I started a new job at a Newton Elementary School. I’m loving it and my kids are very happy this year!

Molly Shoap, Middle Camp Senior Counselor – I’m working hard in my Sophomore year at college. I play rugby and my Women’s Rugby Club team advanced to the Semi-finals for states.

Sophie Brown, Beaver Off-Broadway Instructor –  I’m back at Penn State working hard on my academics!

Krista Hurley, Lower Camp Head Counselor – I’m teaching Pre-K in Brookline and finishing up my student teaching this spring.

Dan McCarthy– As for my fall, it has been awesome so far in that I have settled into my same but different job at Pierce School Extended Day. This year I am working with the 1st and 2nd graders and have love it. Everything from my team of teacher to the kids I have already developed close relationships with has been great.

Josephina Davis, Lower Camp Junior Counselor – I’ve traveled throughout Spain on a cruise, and I’ve started my Junior year successfully. Classes are great and life is great! I miss camp so much can’t wait for summer 2019.

Curtis Killian, Videographer – I’ve been busy, having joined Jammin’ With You this fall as a guitar and ukulele instructor, and also playing kids music at preschools and birthday parties. I’m also busy with photography/videography gigs and playing guitar in the Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra.

Robin Boria, Middle Camp Head Counselor – Professionally, I am back being a paraprofessional at a high school and a Senior Class Advisor. We’re getting ready for a Boston Harbor Boat Cruise in 2 weeks. Personally, I’m looking forward to my daughter’s wedding in March.

Emily MacKenzie, Lower Camp Head Counselor – I got married this fall!

Scott Vinchesi, Upper Camp Head Counselor – Even though the school year has just begun, I am eagerly anticipating being back at Beaver Summer Camp and frequently find myself thinking of the great memories from the past summer. A few highlights from the beginning of this semester at Providence College have been starting my student teaching in Attleboro at Willett Elementary School and continuing my involvement in the PC Pals club. As the treasurer for PC Pals for the past two semesters, I have found that the club is a consistent high point in my week and something to look forward to (even after a long day of teaching in Attleboro). Getting the opportunity to run around and play sports and games with the 8-16 kids who range in age from 6-13 years old, like I would at Beaver Summer camp, has been a great way to unwind after being in the classroom all week.

Lauren Jigarjian, Lower Camp Head Counselor – Since the summer, I have spent the last two months settling in with my new class of 7th grade students in Lexington. It is my fourth year at Clarke Middle school where I work with other members of the Beaver Summer Camp community! I have been spending time with family and friends and enjoying time outdoors.