Beaver Supports Wildflower Camp Foundation

Wildflower articleThis past summer for the eight year in a row, Beaver Summer Camp continued its collaboration with the Wildflower Camp Foundation to provide camp scholarships and reduced tuitions to several children who have recently experienced the devastating loss of a parent. Wildflower Camp Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Wellesley, MA that offers financial and emotional support along with guidance to parents in finding environments in which children can begin to heal after their unforeseen loss.

The organization was founded in 2004 by Cyndi Jones who years earlier had experienced the loss of her husband and the father of their three young children. Summer camps offered a restorative experience for her children– a much needed time away from the pain and stress at home as well as a nurturing and safe environment that proved invaluable for her grieving children.

Beaver is pleased to unite with Wildflower because of our belief in their mission. We feel fortunate to be a part of the healing process by offering a sense of stability to these children – a place where their spirit, creativity, and talents can be nurtured and they can begin to thrive again – while allowing their surviving parent an opportunity to have some much needed respite. This enables parents to create a more stable environment when their children return home. The camp experience of carefree summer days, the comfort of friends and mentors, and a break from a life in turmoil can often be transformative for families facing these unanticipated losses.

We look forward to carrying on our partnership with the Wildflower Camp Foundation and to have a lifelong impact on these families’ futures! For more information on the Wildflower Camp Foundation or to find out how you can get involved visit