13241247_10154183426776210_6867555227732926903_nCampers and staff had a blast at this Wednesday’s Beaverpalooza, Upper Camp’s much-anticipated yearly event that kicks off Beaver’s campaign to sponsor Camp to Belong. During the fun-filled, lively, and charitable event on the front circle, campers played games such as Water Tank Coin Toss, Ladder Ball, Human Ring Toss, and many more! Participating in these activities earned campers tickets representing camp supply items to be donated to Camp to Belong, which is is an organization that reunites siblings who are in separate out-of-home placements.

Read on for Beaverpalooza by the Numbers:

3 – Talented and inspiring musicians, who also happen to be Camp Directors and specialists – thanks, Alan, Nick, and John!13631495_10154183430876210_8706956968766895187_n

82 – Degrees on the thermometer. It was sunny and warm all morning!

1 – Big furry Beaver – he told us he wouldn’t dream of missing this fun and worthwhile event!

14 – Incredible, sporting Upper Camp counselors – each of whom operated a station and cheered on their campers

4 – Awesome and enthusiastic CITs who merrily manned the Bucket Bounce station

9 – Activity stations to rotate through and enjoy, in order to earn tickets – this morning’s favorites included Bucket Bounce, Counselor’s Choice, and Hula Hoop Bonanza13680642_10154183428041210_5717592983721387826_n

– Colorful buckets lining the stairs to the school’s entrance – each representing an item for donation to Camp to Belong – into which campers eagerly dropped their earned tickets

1 – New sprinkler hose, to keep the campers cool and refreshed as they energetically went from station to station earning tickets

1,320 – Tickets earned in all during Beaverpalooza – way to go, Upper Camp!

5, 11, 2, 4, 2, 2, 15 – Respective totals of flashlights, bottles, duffel bags, sleeping bags, towels, pillows, and notebooks to be shared with Camp to Belong

Countless – Smiles on Upper Camper faces as they zealously participated in the incredibly worthwhile event!

More details about our Camp to Belong Drive:


Lower Camp……  Water Bottles

Middle Camp…..  Duffel Bags & Backpacks

Upper Camp……  Pillows & Pillow Cases

Senior Camp……  Beach Towels

All Specialty Camps…… Sleeping Bags (adult size)

Please drop donations off with your campers in the morning. Donated items will be displayed in our Arts Wing foyer where campers will be able to keep track of their collective accomplishment.

Alternatively, $20 gift cards for stores such as Target, Amazon, Dick’s, or WalMart can be donated. Please drop them off in the Camp Office

Campers may bring in their donations anytime between now and August 11th. Feel free to call the Camp Office if you have any questions. And thanks for doing all you can to support Camp to Belong!