BeaverSpeak – What does it all mean?

11214310_10153411014376210_1806486435158207041_nDoes your camper come home in the evening speaking in what seems to you to be a foreign language? Is he or she reverting to prattle, using words like Ga-Ga or confusing you by uttering acronyms such as GBC or BOB, as if you should totally understand what he or she is saying –  but you don’t? Here’s a quick reference guide that will come in handy so that you can communicate effectively with your child again!

The Cove – The place to be if you’re a senior camper, during snack time or other all-group assemblies, a great space to chill and hang out with friends in between fun activities and electives, located in the school’s science wing.

Ga-Ga – Hugely popular among middle, upper and senior campers (as well as many counselors), Ga-Ga is a variation of dodgeball, played in the aptly named Ga-Ga Pit near the playground.

GBC – Short for the Golden Beaver Challenges, an exciting end-of-the-week event for middle campers, involving a variety of exciting public competitions. Groups earning first, second, and third place in the event pridefully care for, respectively, the the Golden, Silver, and Bronze Beaver statues for the week leading up to the next Friday’s contest!

The Lodge – Like The Cove, it’s the place to be if you’re an Upper Camper. Located in the arts wing of the school, in convenient proximity to the awesome dance, music, and drama electives.

Tot Stop – If you’ve ever seen the adorable Lower Campers merrily frolicking out in the front circle with such amusements as hula hoops, chalk, plastic ride-on toys, and sometimes even a sprinkler, then you know exactly what the Tot Stop is!

CIT – as in Counselor in Training, our loveable, earnest, and hardworking young teens in training proudly sporting the tangerine-colored shirts, assisting counselors and campers in all walks of Beaver summer life!

Beaverpalooza – So much fun – and for a great cause! Upper Camp’s annual kick-off to the Camp to Belong Drive, a morning filled with awesome games and music. (It’s not too late to drop off your contribution!)

BOBBeaver Off Broadway, the incredible Specialty Camp that engages campers in researching, rehearsing, set-designing, choreography, singing, you name it, as they head toward their final performances of original theatrical productions.

High Fives – The lucky group of five-year-old Lower Campers whose days consist of a some exciting and additional opportunities, including free swim, archery, and woodshop!

The Backyard – A Giant Connect Four Game. Sidewalk chalk. Hoola hoops. Tether ball. Scooters. In short, a sanctuary for middle campers where they can play and strengthen friendships in a fun and flexible manner.

YoZumba – A delightful combination of yoga, dance and movement. Classes, often theme-based, offer our littlest campers the opportunity to move around while also teaching them about being centered and calm. Thanks, Sarah!

Peanutbutterandjelly –  Lower Campers really look forward to this part of their swim routine, which involves slow and fast kicks, simulated sandwich making and sharing, followed by splashing themselves free from (pretend) peanut butter and jelly in order to acclimate to water.