Becoming a Deep Ender

That little orange bracelet means a whole lot to Senior Camper Clara.  “I’m FINALLY a deep ender!” She cheers gleefully.

What does it mean to be a “deep ender” anyway?  It means that campers have demonstrated the strength and skill necessary to safely swim in the 12 foot deep section of the pool.  To receive one of the coveted deep ender bracelets, campers must pass a deep ender test, administered by one of Beaver’s lifeguard staff.  Under their careful watch, campers must swim both front crawl and backstroke across the pool, then tread water and back float for 1 minute each.  Students in swim level 3 and above are eligible to take the deep end test. How do campers know when they’re ready? “We look for kids that are comfortable in the deep areas on the pool and are confident, strong swimmers.” says Head Lifeguard Nicole.

Young campers look forward to becoming a deep ender, almost as a rite of passage at Beaver Summer Camp.  In swim lessons, they work hard on their strokes and skills to prepare for the test.  “It’s OK if kids don’t pass on their first try.” continues Nicole, “We encourage them to keep practicing and provide multiple opportunities for them to show their stuff!”

Armed with a bracelet, campers are safely free to dive, jump, swim to the bottom, and play games with friends during lesson and free swim activities.  “It is SO much more fun with friends in the deep end now!” exclaims Clara as she takes off toward the pool.