What are the Big Blue Blocks?

A few weeks ago, we interviewed lower campers, asking: What is your favorite thing at Beaver Summer Camp? Several campers mentioned the Big Blue Blocks….so what are they anyway? This morning we caught up with the Bunnies to find out!

When we arrived, the Bunnies were hard at work building a boat!  “They LOVE coming here to play with the blue blocks!”  Bunnies counselor Brittany exclaimed!  “It’s so much fun to see them let loose and be themselves, while also working together as a team to create something like their boat.”  Lisa, also a Bunnies counselor, says it is a safe space for them to play without worry of breaking anything.  “Kids who can be more quiet and shy in structured activities become fully engaged in play when they’re here with the blocks.” she continues.

The fun extends beyond just lower campers.  Middle camp also has an elective option with the Big Blue Blocks.  “They get REALLY creative!”  states Brittany.  “They build huge towers together, or make ramps to roll wheels or balls.  And even create a domino style machines! It’s really cool to see!”

In addition to the Big Blue Blocks,  Beaver campers have a number of other opportunities to engage in creative play.  The Jungle provides unstructured outdoor spaces, while the Builder Room allows kids to design and build engineering style structures.

“It’s amazing to see kids learning teamwork as young as 3 years old!”  says Brittany.  “They talk through their design and help each other during the build process.  It’s such a great lifelong learning experience!”