C is for Creative, for Collaboration, for Caring

11039044_10153318971951210_2024448673466393963_nThirty mature, talented, and responsible teens comprise the CIT group this month! They arrived on campus this Monday morning, or soon after, when their school years officially ended, ready and eager to undergo their training and embrace their duties. They spent two days this week participating in camp activities, getting to know the specialists, and doing a mini-orientation to prepare for their roles as counselors in training. After fun and intensive orientation, each CIT was assigned a specialty group or a specific group within the Lower, Middle, or Upper camps. They have been busy assisting counselors and working directly with campers in impressively helpful and enthusiastic ways.

When asked what they enjoy about the CIT program at beaver, CITS, many of whom are returning this year, said that they love the teamwork involved, the sense of responsibility, and the practical skill development. They raved about program directors, Alan Reinstein and Anna George, emphasizing how approachable and inspirational the two seasoned professionals are. Both directors are high school teachers during the academic year, and they are well known for their natural talents in understanding, listening to, and offering praise and constructive feedback to eager and earnest groups summer after summer. And for many of the CITs, Beaver Summer Programs has been their home away from home for many seasons, as they have grown up attending the camp and felt inspired and encouraged to take their experience to the next level.

And what do Alan and Anna love about the program? In their eyes, the work is really all about preparing the CITs to further facilitate and energize the program: connecting with campers and supporting staff. They recognize how much the counselors in training have to offer the everyone on campus, and they masterfully assist them in identifying, owning, and offering up those skills and qualities.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about becoming a CIT next summer, read more about the Beaver Counselor in Training Program.