Camp Spotlight: It’s the Circus!

Did you realize that Beaver offers a number of specialty camp opportunities in addition to general camp?  Boston Children’s Circus is just one of the great specialty programs!  Open to kids entering grades 3 through 9, aspiring performers learn a host of exciting circus skills such as juggling, stilt walking, ribbon and trapeze acrobatics, unicycle riding, globe walking (and more)!

In their 5th year at Beaver, the circus program is run by husband and wife team Alisan and Jesse.  With over two decades of circus education, they have seen the program grow and blossom in their years at Beaver.  “Kids at Beaver have so much enthusiasm!  They are a great community and they support each other.” says Jesse.

But what makes circus camp so much fun?  Of course we wanted to hear the camper’s perspective!

Aiya and Ryan exclaim “Everything is so fun, we have a hard time choosing our activities.  It’s stuff you really can’t try anywhere else!”

Sammy adds “Yes, you see it when you go to watch the circus, but you cannot try this stuff on your own.  We learn the skills we need to do it ourselves!”

“I was nervous on the first day” says Wilson, “but the counselors are really supportive.  It’s also a great place to make new friends!”

Counselors meet with campers at the beginning of each session, helping to set goals.  The day is flexible, with campers selecting from a menu of options.  “The environment really promotes kids trying new things and build confidence with the understanding that mastering a new skill is a process with much trial and error.  Campers and counselors alike want to see each kid achieve his or her goal!”

Camper Bea pretty much sums it up: “It’s such as special place!” she exclaims. “I want to come back every year!”

At the end of the 2 week session, students deliver a stunning perfomance to an audience, complete with music and choreographed routines!  To check out our very own Beaver Circus Performance 2017 on YouTube here!