Camp Spotlight: Walker’s Woodshop

Welcome to Walker’s Woodshop!

For the last 25 years at Beaver Summer Camp, the woodshop has been lead by the one and only John Walker!  Since arriving at Beaver, John has helped to grow the woodworking program from a small crafting elective to a week-long furniture building experience! General campers opt to take woodshop as an elective choice, but kids that are motivated to take their woodworking skills to the next level often join the Walker’s Woodshop specialty camp!

“When designing the program, I wanted kids to have a chance to do real stuff, to take on more of a challenge then you initially might think they can handle.”  explains John, “They take on and build complex projects like chairs, tables, and benches, all while learning skills along the way!”

Campers who opt for two full weeks of Walker’s Woodshop generally build one of the pre-designed projects for the first week, with assistance from John and his woodshop staff.  This helps the kids learn to use the tools, to plan ahead, and problem solve.  For the second week, the design and build can come from the camper’s own ideas!   An example of a creative camper-designed project this year was a dog feeder, complete with a food storage drawer!

But John believes that woodworking is more than just learning tools.  Participation helps kids learn patience, cooperation, self-confidence, persistence… and good old math!

Just having the opportunity and guidance in the woodshop can inspire new-found passions.  Max, a camp counselor, discovered a love for woodworking while in 3rd grade as a counselor in Upper Camp.  He encourages those who have never considered woodworking to give it a try.

“You never know if it will be your new thing!”  exclaims John.

For more information about Walker’s Woodshop program, see our page on the Beaver Summer Camp website, and be sure to check out our video on YouTube!