Camp Spotlight: Yozumba!

Yozumba?  What exactly is Yozumba?

Camp Specialist Sarah took a few moments to answer this question.  As it turns out, Yozumba is a fun combination of yoga and movement.  “We combine yoga poses and incorporate movements that complement those poses.” explains Sarah.  “In addition, we include elements of breathing and relaxation in each lesson.”

Sounds fun, right?!?

On Monday, we joined the Penguins in Lower Camp for a morning Yozumba class to see what it was all about.

The beginning of class started with saying hello (or in yoga-speak): Namaste!  A friendly greeting is important, campers learn.

“We include a theme for every week, and this week’s theme is the jungle!  Campers learn yoga poses to represent the lion, monkey, and crocodile.  Then the movement complements the poses.” explained Sarah.

Kids move to songs like “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and “The Monkey Song”, stopping to practice poses along the way.

The crocodile pose was one of the most fun, where each camper had a chance to choose a favorite food for their crocodile to eat.  All of the crocodiles would “chomp” the food, mimicking the movement of the crocodile’s mouth!

“Yozumba is a great way for our youngest campers to learn age-appropriate motor skills, balance, strength, and to follow directions.” continues Sarah.  “It also gives them a chance to relax.  Campers have so many activities during the day, they are always on the go!  We give them a moment to pause.”

As in traditional yoga, the class ends with a quiet Savasana, where campers listen to soothing music and focus on breathing, followed by a final Namaste before they are on to their next activity!