CITs excited to head off campus for annual camping trip!

After spending their summer helping support counselors in all of the programs Beaver Summer Camp has to offer,  the Counselors In Training (CITs) traveled last week to Nickerson State Park for a fun overnight camping trip, then spent a day enjoying the Cape Cod Inflatable Park!  We caught up with a few of the CITs this morning to see how the trip went!

“It was a great opportunity for the CITs to bond and just get to know each other better.”  says Nicholas, a third-year CIT.  “Although we see each other every day at camp, we don’t have a chance to just hang out together as a group!”

Second-year CIT Josh adds: “Yeah, it was a nice break to relax together, play card games, laugh and just have fun!”

The Beaver Summer Camp CIT program is for kids ages 13-15 who would like to learn to work with children, develop leadership skills, and just have a fun summer all around!  The camp offers two sessions, Summer 1 and Summer 2, both four weeks long, and provides all CITs with a chance to support all of the general and specialty camp activities that happen throughout the summer.  Each morning the CITs meet to discuss their assignments for the day, lead by CIT Directors Alan and Kathleen.

Many kids in the CIT program started at Beaver as campers, some as young as age 3!  “I was a camper at Beaver forever, since I was little, and I LOVE it!  I joined the CIT program to have a chance to give back to Beaver camp!”  exclaims Jack.

Skill building is a critical part of the CIT experience.  “I have really grown this year in my ability to work with kids.  I have learned from my counselors how to problem solve, and how to set rules and boundaries for the campers.”  explains second-year CIT Michaela.   “These are skills I can take with me to other jobs in the future!”

“Being a CIT gives you a new perspective on camp.”  states Josh.  “Even though I was a camper before becoming a CIT, I didn’t understand all of the work that went into making Beaver Summer Camp such an amazing place.  Now I have a new appreciation for what the counselors do for us to make it so much fun!”

For a full album of photos, see our Facebook page!  To learn more about Beaver Summer Camp’s CIT program, see our webpage here.