CITs Nick Caruso and Will Brown Reflect on Well-Earned Dance Victory


(Article submitted for publication by 3rd year CITs and long-term Beaver campers (and students) Nick Caruso and Will Brown)

The C.I.T.’s Can Sleep Again.

Vince Lombardi once said, “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.” These are the words that the C.I.T.s have lived by for generations. Year after year, we have had to watch the other counselors win the Fourth of July dance competition. Spending hours perfecting the dances with charisma and enthusiasm, just to come up short has caused many sleepless nights. Those empty Fourth of July weekends coming off a loss are now over, and the C.I.T.s can sleep again.

Winning this past Friday’s competition was not expected at all. Of course, we knew our dance was good enough to win, but it is very rare and unlikely for the C.I.T.s to win over the campers’ applause. Picking a song, creating a dance, and practicing every day is not easy. The number one challenge faced every summer has been pleasing the crowd. Being C.I.T.s, we have no “home court advantage,” so we need to do whatever we can to entertain. Like putting as much passion into our dance as possible.

A few weeks prior to the celebration, I was enjoying my weekly play date with fellow C.I.T, Will Brown. Lower camp counselors, Sydney Brown and Laurel Sullivan, mentioned to Will and me that we would only have one week to create the dance, as opposed to the two weeks we have normally been given. Will and I knew we had to step up our game this year since it was our turn to choreograph. After months and months of going through song ideas during the school year, we finally reached a consensus. Inspired by popular television series The Office, we knew the song that might be victorious would be Chris Brown’s Forever. We ventured into the basement and decided we would not come out until we had finished the dance. After 40 minutes of writing, grooving, and recording, I went home knowing that this song was the one.

There were no objections to the song or dance after Will and I showed the C.I.T.s what we would be doing. After practicing everyday, it was finally our time to put on a show. After we won the crowd clap-o-meter vote, I thought that was the only thing we were going to get. Everything then went blank when I heard Nat Saltonstall say, “The C.I.T.s,” for a second time. I couldn’t help but bolt out to the middle of the court and shed a tear of joy. I can not properly describe the feeling of winning the contest for the first time.

For us, this has been more than just a dance. This competition has showed me and my fellow C.I.Ts what it means to wear the orange shirt. Being a Counselor in Training takes a lot of passion, energy, trust, and fun. And we are always willing to jump right in and help out. I want this victory it to remind everyone that nothing is impossible and that you should NEVER. GIVE. UP.

Nick Caruso

Nick Caruso

Will Brown

Will Brown