CITs take a well deserved trip to Apex Entertainment

Session 1 CITs

Our session one Counselors In Training (CIT) have spent the last few weeks helping counselors work with younger campers, learning behavior management, team-building, communication and activity leadership. The CIT group is made up of people ages 13 to 15, who work for four weeks helping out in different camp groups and activities.

Campers playing arcade games

Through this program, the CITs learn about the many different areas of camp, as well as help out in their favorite sections. Beaver Summer Camp has seen past CITs who have been coming to camp since they were three become amazing councilors and go on to use the skills they developed over the summer in their everyday lives.

This week the CITs took a day off to evaluate how the program is going, bond, and enjoy a well deserved day to just be a camper. Along with their CIT Directors Kathleen and Thomas, they spent the day at Apex Entertainment, where they played arcade games, went bowling, went on the bumper cars, and competed in laser tag.

It was a nonstop day of fun day and a great way for all the CITs to get to know each other better.

CITs bonding