Competition for AC/DC – Building the Band, Week One

13901524_10154225065246210_6487903727601799905_nJack. Alex. Sam. Samantha. Colin –  what rock stars they are! The quintet comprised Week One’s Band, cleverly named AB/CD and they worked – and played – all week, in preparation for Friday’s concert. Interviewing the musicians, we learned a few things about them and about their exciting experience in the rockin’ specialty camp.

Ages of campers and Building the level of band experienceThe talented ones ranged in age from 10 years old to 15. Some were returning for their second or even third summer, while others were enjoying Building the Band for the first time.

Instruments played:13891798_10154217244731210_5353089381774178289_n Drums seemed to be a common interest for these musicians, but they also play keyboard, guitar, bass – and sing!

How they spent the week: In addition to practicing their instruments, exploring various genres of music, and planning and rehearsing for their concert, they got to know each other quite well by playing socializing, hanging out in The Jungle and swimming together, and playing games.

How they felt the morning of the concert:13892148_10154217244806210_8172249422550023795_n A combination of pumped, happy, and nervous. But it was clear they had enjoyed their week, got along extremely well with one another, and adored their Building the Band directors, Patrick and Riley.

Favorite memories from the week: Sam enjoyed crushing it at Ga-Ga ball, and they all spoke highly of an intriguing game they invented called “Curtain Tag”.

Advice for prospective campers who might be unsure of whether Building the Band is a great option for them: The group emphasized that an interest in music was key, but that experience was not an issue. Samantha, the youngest of the musicians, admitted that she was nervous at first, but that her nervousness quickly disappeared as she was welcomed into the group and the activities began.

Alex, the veteran in the group, encourages all who think they might be interested in Building the Band to go for it. New experiences, he said, are very worthwhile, and you won’t know whether you’ll really enjoy something until you try it. Fantastic advice for all, Alex!13892252_10154225065916210_5472582857192813515_n

The concert? It was awesome! And full of variety. AB/CD played songs including The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine” and “Twist and Shout”, Katy Perry’s “Roar” and Pat Benatar’s “Love Is a Battlefield”.  The audience couldn’t help but clap their hands, stomp their feet, and even let out a few whoops and cat-calls every once in a while. By the end, many were up by the stage dancing; they were just that carried away by the music!

Enjoy a photo album from the session, as well as a video of their performance.