End of Summer

As the 2019 Summer Season wraps up we like to take a look back at all the amazing things that campers did this summer.

Lower Camp:

Lower Campers

Our Lower Campers performed a concert of all the songs they learned in music class, pretended to be pirates, celebrate Splash Day, and came to camp dressed up as who they want to be when they grow up. They also got to experience classes like drama, Yo Zumba, Little Blue Blocks, and Tot Stop. The five year olds even got to take archery, Design Lab, woodshop, and ceramics for the first time and get a taste of what it will be like for them when they are in middle camp.


Middle Camp:

Middle Campers

There were so many Golden Beaver Challenges and dress up days for Middle Camp; campers must have had to dress up at least once a week. They had a Sports Day, Luau Day, and the Golden Beaver Olympics. So many different groups won the Sportsmanship Beaver, proving that all Middle Campers have great sportsmanship.


Upper Camp and Senior Camp:

Upper and Senior Campers

Upper Camp loves their Theme Days. They had Superhero Day, School Spirt Day, and Tropical Day. At these Theme Days, we got to see the Upper Campers wear so many creative costumes. Upper Campers were also very competitive in the Liberty Cup and the Color Wars and proved that they can play any just about any sport. They also made many cool projects in their electives with Senior Camp, like superheroes, musicals, amazing dance numbers, and race cars for the Pinewood Derby.

The group that traveled the most was Senior Camp. Each Wednesday they went on an Expedition Day to a new destination like Canobie Lake Park, Hopkinton State Park, Kimball Farm, and the Roger Williams Zoo. When they were back at camp, Senior Campers participated in the Beaver Blitz and did multiple Leaps of Faith at Adventure Challenge.


Specialty Camps:

Specialty Campers

This summer we had Trip Camps, Art Camps, Design With Purpose, and Sports Camps. These amazing Specialty Camps put on concerts and performances, built cars for kids with mobility challenges, played sports all day long, and went to many cool destinations away from camp every day. It was great to see the Specialty Campers show all the other General Campers what they learned and created during their camps, by inviting them to their performances.


What a great summer! We had a blast spending the summer with such an amazing group of campers and we already can’t wait for next summer!

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