Fall Staff Updates

BVR_8541Our dynamic and accomplished team of staff have spread out since August to make a positive impact on the world. Here’s an update on what many of them are doing this fall (special thanks to Counselor-in-Training, Grace Saltonstall, for her research!):

Matt Coughlin, Videographer and Bus Monitor – attending his Senior Year at Emerson College working on his Senior Movie
Pam Gennert, Nature Specialist – teaching Kindergarten at the Rashi School, her 18th year of teaching
Brian MacKenzie, Senior Camp Director – teaching English at Boston College High, his 6th year of teaching
Melissa Rubin, Lower Camp Art Specialist – teaching Hebrew School
Zara Woodhead, Art Specialist – teaching at Countryside Elementary School and getting married in April
Timothy Sim, Art Specialist – working at the Bowen School aftercare program
Tori Tucci, Ducklings Counselor – starting her freshman year at the University of Rhode Island as a Nursing Major
Jill Greenwood, Kittens Head Counselor – teaching Preschool in Brookline
Viviane Viros, Lower Camp Float Counselor – teaching Preschool in Maynard
Kacie Bailey, Social Media Manager – job hunting and visiting friends
Robin Brown, Extended Day Director- teaching Upper School math at Beaver Country Day School
Olivia Brooks, Crickets Counselor – starting her senior year at Beaver and applying to colleges
Kate Sullivan, Aquatics Director – working at Driscoll School as a Middle School guidance counselor and health teacher
Charlotte Ennen, Aquatics Staff – attending her senior year at Mt. Holyoke College
Elisabeth Guenette, Dance Specialist – teaching English in France
Andrew Winston, Upper Camp Director – teaching Kindergarten at the Peirce School
Sarah Binette, Adventure/Challenge Specialist – applying for her masters degree in nursing or physical therapy
Sam Bensley, Adventure/Challenge Specialist – substitute teaching and working Extended Day at Driscoll
Art Beauregard, Adventure/Challenge Specialist – working at Fessenden School teaching science to 8th and 9th graders
Sarah Reid, Photographer – pursuing an ethno-musicology fellowship in Paris, France
Robin Mamon, Archery Specialist – working at Heath School Extended Day program
Emily Ransom, Ducklings Counselor – in her 2nd year of teaching 4th grade at St. Columbkille in Brighton
Emily Tran, Lower Camp Music Specialist – teaching piano and music at different day cares and travelling to Chicago
Richie Del Valle, Video Specialist – freelancing, job searching, and going to Puerto Rico for a wedding
Nikki Caminetsky, Mariners Counselor – starting her Freshman year at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Emily Redburn, Adventurers Head Counselor – teaching 1st grade in Brookline and traveling to Puerto Rico
Joe Solof, Pioneers Head Counselor – 2nd year teaching Kindergarten in Newton and traveling to Greece
Bridget McAnulty, Lifeguard – starting graduate school and working at an Aftercare Program in Brookline…and also going to Las Vegas with her sisters!
Alisan Funk, Circus Director – working on her Masters of Education in Circus Arts
Marybeth Stone, Nurse – back at Rashi School as the school nurse (she also to a cruise in Alaska this summer)
Sue Healy, Health Director – returning to Oakdale School in Dedham this fall as the school nurse
Austin Lang, Explorers Counselor – entering his senior year at the University of Pittsburgh
Sean Coyle, Sports Specialist – beginning a full time position as a consultant with Data Analytics in Dublin, Ireland
Charlotte Menna, Middle Camp Director – returning to 2nd grade as a Boston Public School teacher and heading to the Toronto Film Festival
Adam Azia, Middle Camp Assistant Director – teaching 7th grade in Melrose and buying a home
Kim Birkett, Stargazers Head Counselor – beginning a new job teaching 9th and 10th grade English
Michael Manning, Middle Camp Float Counselor – freelance artist in Boston
Alex Zeigler, Koalas Counselor – preparing to apply to college
Efe Igho-Osagie, Vikings Head Counselor – in Lexington Schools as an Elementary School Guidance Counselor, and heading to California to go to the beach
Jeff Knoedler, Videographer – took a trip to Key West before going back to Newton South as a Theater teacher
Kathleen Kosberg, Communications – starting her 10th year of teaching at Beaver and coaching cross country while also renovating her kitchen
Marissa Minori, Ceramics Specialist – starting her Masters of Art at Tufts University
Carel Ristuccia, Office Assistant – managing her son’s soccer team
Jon Schechner, Lifeguard – teaching 6th grade in Lexington
Isis Melendez, Penguins Counselor – returning to the Rochester Institute of Technology to study Video Game Design
Alan Reinstein, CIT Director – teaching English at Newton South High School and watching his children grow up
Arielle Wezdenko, Bunnies Head Counselor – working at the British School of Boston
Tal Heller, Drama Specialist – starting her Senior year at NYC Opera Music School and going to Israel
Nat Saltonstall, Director – raising his children, planning for the summer of 2016, and traveling back to Arizona this winter
John Walker, Woodshop Specialist – teaching art and music in Brookline
Pat Wheyland, Building the Band – teaching music and moving to San Diego, California
Paul Kielb, Senior Camp Head Counselor – returning to Mason Rice After School Program and living his life!
Brian Menna, Assistant Director Upper Camp – returning to teach English at Framingham High School
Joanna Murray, Challengers Head Counselor – teaching 8th grade English
Max Posner, Senior Camp Head Counselor – moving to California and finishing school
Aniela Liesman, Nature and All Sports Specialist – returning to Newton North in the Special Needs department and visiting the Outer Banks
Chris Lamar, Sports Director – got married after camp and went to Disneyworld
Billy Gove, Voyagers Counselor – in his senior year at Boston Latin School, studying and playing varsity soccer
Loni Zelfon, Cooking Specialist – working at Future Chefs and heading to Peru
Joanna Lustig, Senior Camp Head Counselor – a Guidance Counselor fat a K-8 school and planning her wedding in New Jersey
Collin Epstein, Buccaneers Counselor – worked at Camp to Belong after Beaver and is now at Davidson College as a Physics major
Mae Hogan, Photographer – taking wedding photos and portrait shoots
Emily Silverman, Buccaneers Counselor – at Emory University studying Pre-Med and traveling to Israel
Rachel Minor, Buccaneers Head Counselor – Instructional Assistant for a special needs program and traveling to the west coast
Abbie Fennell, Assistant Director of Extended Day – spreading joy and happiness!
Chris Moriarty, Lifeguard and CPO – finishing up at UMass, Amherst and traveling to Europe…and also the best man in his brother’s wedding this fall
Larry McKinney, Aquatics Director – teaching back at Beaver and coaching the lacrosse and golf teams… also traveling to India
Nick Burka, Music Specialist – teaching guitar, working at synagogues, looking for full time job, and getting married in May in Washington DC
Kate MacLellan, Pioneers Head Counselor – returning to her 4th grade teaching position, heading to Florida, and finishing her Masters Degree in Education
Chance McDaniels, Lifeguard – pursuing a job as a Business Analyst
Drew Dempsey, Adventurers Counselor – starting at New York University this fall
Emmett Krauss, Upper Camp Float Counselor – finishing his Senior year at Hofstra and releasing a Hip Hop album
Evangeline Grove, Stargazers Counselor – beginning her senior year of high school and applying to colleges
Matt McGurn, Explorers Counselor – beginning his senior year at Catholic Memorial High School and applying to colleges
Kayla Armstrong, Performing Arts Director – teaching as an Aide in Medfield and running a High School Theatre Company
Amy Weiner, Bunnies Counselor – beginning her freshman year at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Kristina Wolinski, Bunnies Counselor – starting her Sophomore year at Highpoint, studying business administration
Steven Robinson, Extended Day Counselor – pursuing his teaching certification
Sean Curran, Trips Director – teaching 4th grade in Lexington, visiting California, and getting ready to celebrate his son’s birthday
Anna George, CIT Director – getting married this fall and starting her second year of teaching English at Newton North High School
Eileen McGurn, Office Manager – enjoyed some time off on the Vineyard and is back in the office at Beaver Summer Camp… her son is a senior this year!
Brandon Lodico, Navigators Counselor – going back to Southern New Hampshire University and attending his sister’s wedding
Jeff Fox, TechLab Specialist – teaching Physics this fall and going to Disney World
Will Viti, Senior Camp Head Counselor – teaching Special Needs at the Middle School level and taking graduate classes at Lesley University
Laura Matthews, Senior Camp Head Counselor – going back to be a Middle School counselor and getting married
Anne Slotnick, Senior Camp Assistant Director – continuing to teach High School theater, directing plays, and heading to Mexico
Jay Kreisberg, All Sports Director – teaching physical education in Cambridge and heading to the Cape for a vacation
Paige McKenna, Gymnastics Specialist – graduating from Framingham State and starting a job search
Nate Guevin, Pioneers Counselor – going back to school at Bennington College and attending his brother’s wedding on Martha’s Vineyard
Julia Park, Circus Counselor – starting her sophomore year at Colby College studying Environmental Science and going sailing
Olivia Saunders, Circus Counselor – returning to Professional Circus School in Montreal
Doug Stewart, Circus Counselor – attending Columbia College and visiting Utah, Florida and the Bahamas
Lydia Sancetta, Circus Counselor – starting her freshman year in college
Emily Therriault, Whalers Head Counselor – working at Heath School in Brookline and traveling to Washington DC, Ireland, and running the Chicago Marathon
Sammy White, Adventurers Counselor – heading back to her sophomore year at the University of Delaware
Justin Quinn, Adventurers Head Counselor – working full time at an Accounting firm and going to Ireland
Molly Richard, Bearcubs Head Counselor – teaching Pre-K and watching a Halloween Movie Marathon
Nellie Inbar, Puffins Counselor – going back to the University of Vermont where she is a nursing major
Stephanie Harvey, Outdoor Games Specialist – she got engaged and is going to Florida!

8 engagements and weddings coming up…congratulations to all! Have a wonderful fall.