Fish Facts – Test Your Knowledge!

11204878_10153413031521210_6486043490830239021_nBy now, you’ve probably seen the video about the Senior Camp fishing elective, which is the brainchild of esteemed veteran counselor Will Viti. The group has been traveling on foot each morning this week to do some fishing at scenic, nearby Hammond Pond. In effect, they’ve been strengthening their fine motor skills, friendships, and patience! In celebration of Will’s ingenuity and his group’s adventurous and curious spirit, we have put together a short quiz about fish. Enjoy!


  1. What is the fastest fish in the ocean?
  2. What is the study of fish called?
  3. Name the only fish that swims upright and is also the slowest fish.
  4. What is the world’s largest fish?
  5. What is the most popular seafood in America?
  6. What is a baby fish called?
  7. How far can a flying fish glide in the air?

(Scroll down for answers.)

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  1. sailfish
  2. ichthyology
  3. seahorse
  4. whale shark
  5. shrimp
  6. fry
  7. 20 feet (6 meters)