Fourth of July Fun by the Numbers

060A0073Wow! What a busy, fun, and memorable day it was to be at Beaver Camp! Today, on the last day of Session 1, All campers and staff came together first thing for one of the summer’s most popular and memorable events. We were captivated and astonished by outstanding musical performances, animated counselor dance-off routines, patriotic Beaver traditions, and our annual tug-of-war (this year a four-way contest!) Each group then participated in their very own Fourth of July events. Lower Campers crafted, paraded, sang, and played in honor of the holiday. Middle Campers enjoyed the second Golden Beaver Challenge of the summer, a counselor fashion show. Upper Campers participated in their second annual Liberty Cup Challenge, and Senior Campers reveled in Color War contests.

Here’s a sampling of numerical highlights from the day:

  • 190 – Red, white and blue popsicles savored in the morning by Lower Campers
  • 175 – approximate number of combined hats – visors, pirate hats, and Uncle Sam hats created and donned by Lower Campers
  • 27 – Brave and talented Counselors in Training who crushed their ‘N’Sync choreography  on the dance floor
  • 5 –  Cleverly awesome Upper Camp Liberty Cup Challenges on lower field throughout the morning
  • 4 – Boomwhackers – skillfully used by music elective group as they performed “Shut Up and Dance”
  • 158 – How many seconds the suspenseful four-way tug of war lasted (Congratulations, Upper Camp counselors; well-done!)
  • 1 – Harmonica masterfully operated by CIT director Alan Reinstein in his execution of his own original song, The Beaver Way
  • 2 – Adorable Lower Campers who confidently led us in the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of our morning’s all-camp event
  • 5 – Number of incredible counselor dance routines (featuring Eiffel 65’s “I’m Blue”, an ‘N’Sync favorite, Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”, Omi’s “Cheerleader”, Pharrell Williams’s “Happy”, and “Uptown Funk”)
  • 1 – Cleverly coined new word: Beaverdependence, by young filmmakers in Richie’s video elective, as part of their impressive short film
  • 1 – Friendly and beloved Beaver, who assisted in emceeing morning event with Middle Camp’s Adam Azia