Go Baby Go! Design camp partners with the Boston Children’s Hospital

This weeks design challenge at Beaver Design Camp was fast, fun.. and involved cars!  Not full size…but the kid-sized version!  Little ones love zooming around in their toy cars, but kids with disabilities have a hard time joining in the fun.

Partnering with Boston Children’s Hospital, campers were tasked with designing and building modifications to electric toy cars that could accommodate kids that were otherwise unable to use and enjoy the toy cars.

After a week of design, iteration, and testing, the final projects were ready on Friday!  Each of the three cars had its own flair, ready for an afternoon for driving fun by its driver: Boston Children’s patients Sofia, Francesca, and Thomas!  And the cars were a HIT!

Additional photos from the Go Baby Go Design Camp week can be viewed on our Facebook page!

Check out the video of the final presentations and product test on YouTube!