High Hopes for “Commotion Ocean” – Beaver off Broadway’s Final Summer Production


Batten down the hatches! This session’s Beaver off Broadway drama has all the makings for a compelling pirate story that our young actors will no doubt delight in planning, producing, rehearsing, and finally sharing with us. The swashbuckling enterprise, which is the brainchild of veteran BOB Director and script author Zoe Clayton, is intriguingly titled Commotion Ocean. Here are some details of the hilarious tale that will surely pique your curiosity before next Friday’s performance.

Setting: Where else? Fictional Surfington Island, where a treasure has been hidden

Characters: the exuberant inhabitants of Surfington – most of whom are aspiring pirates.

Genre: Like all Beaver off Broadway productions, it’s a musical! This one is special, however. In that in addition to adapting three tried-and-true hits: “The Pirates of Kensing er, Surfington” (Finding Neverland), “Partner in Crime” (Tuck Everlasting), and “Anything Can Happen” (Mary Poppins), Commotion Ocean features a completely original song, created by Director Siv Anderson – “The Heart of the Sea!”


Conflict: Unfortunately, the budding buccaneers are a divided group. Some support the dastardly Sea Skulls, while others favor the notorious Shark Fin Bandits. In addition, as we ultimately discover, riches and glory are often achieved at a cost.

Themes: Commotion Ocean’s about sparking a sense of adventure, taking initiative and becoming a leader in the face of adversity.

Take-away: Wealth and fame don’t mean much when you don’t have genuine friends with whom to share it all.

Climax and Resolution? You’ll just have to come see the show to find out!