Hungry Hungry Campers? More Briliant Staff Ideas!

pacmanThe senior campers have definitely not been bored this week. Instead, they’ve actually been boards. Or parts of boards anyway. Board games that is! Senior Camp counselor Jess MacKenzie pitched the idea of creating a life-sized game of Hungry Hungry Hippos with campers to other counselors, and in true Beaver fashion they took an awesome idea and ran with it. Counselors and campers had a fantastic time with imagining, designing, constructing, and PLAYING the game! Check out this cool video featuring a Hungry Hungry Hippos game in action, a video reminiscent of the old-school commercial advertisement for the treasured game. Excited to do even more with the concept, campers collaborated to create a life-sized PacMan game as well. When charged with coming up with their own ideas, they enthusiastically constructed both a giant Battleship site and a colossal Guess Who? board. With ideas like these, who needs electronic video games?battleshiphhh