It’s Thursday morning. Do You Know Where Your Camper Is?

11825615_10153411048536210_4583709249500198757_n (1)We do! And the answer to that question is no simple one. And it’s definitely not boring, either. The truth is, there is just so very much going on all around camp all the time. Beaver designs full, diverse and dynamically structured schedules in all programs throughout the summer. Here’s the run-down of where campers were during the 10:00-10:30 slot this morning. Oh, and to set the scene, we should mention the thermometer read 78 degrees and sunny!

So where were the Lower Campers? Our littlest campers were, quite literally, all over campus, gleefully participating in fun, educational, and organized activities with their nurturing and cheerful counselors. The Bunnies were in Yozumba dancing, smiling, and stretching. The Ducklings were checking out Natural Wonders with Corey. The Kittens were taking a water break from their adorable, miniature game of lacrosse on the lower field. The Puffins were using their vivid imaginations to construct excitingly innovative buildings and cities in Little Builders. The Penguins were enthusiastically using their sweet voices as well as their bodies in singing and dancing to delightful songs like “Down, Down Baby” in music. The Crickets were fervently working on their serves and backhands in they gym in Tennis. The Dragonflies and Chipmunks were swinging, running, sliding, and otherwise friskily frolicking about on the playground. The Koalas were attentively concentrating on an adventurous tale in Story Theater. The Cardinals were playing an exhilarating game of “Messy Backyard” on the lower field, playfully intent on getting all the inflatable balls on their opponents’ side of the course. The Bearcubs were creating colorful masterpieces in Art. The Robins were crawling, tumbling, and balancing in Gymnastics. Finally, the Chickadees were making a scene in drama. Those Chickadees…

The four seven-year-old Middle Camp groups were enjoying some delicious fruit and crackers, resting on or near their towels on the field as they cheerfully played and chatted before their swim time. The six-year-olds, on the other hand, were determined to make the very most of their time in the pools. Lucas, Emma, and other Buccaneers were zealously jumping in the deep end. The Vikings and Whalers were splashily playing the Charades-like Movie Game in the pool with dynamic lifeguards Chris and Jessie. Finally, the Navigators were earnestly practicing their strokes and kicks as they swam laps at the other side of the instructional pool.

Upper Campers were partaking in their choice of terrific activities too! Challengers were at music, art or sports, where they were engaged in Day Four of an epically invigorating and competitive week-long athletic tournament.  The Adventurers were challenging themselves by choice out at adventure challenge or Ga-Ga or learning more about Mother Earth in Nature. Or they were at Dance, where they were reviewing their choreography to Adele’s Rolling in the Deep. Pioneers were moving on up on the climbing wall, out facing friends in a game of street hockey, or inside crafting furnishings in Woodshop.

What about Senior Campers? After finishing their snack in the Cove, they were headed to their numerous electives choices as well. And wow, what outstanding choices they have! Fishing. Sports. Adventure Challenge. Sewing. Martial Arts. Tech Lab. In Ceramics, Michaela, Daniella, Sophie, Caroline, Maille were with specialist Marissa glazing the fine pieces they have been working on this week, some thrown and others hand-built. In woodshop, some of our oldest campers were participating in camper outreach activities, constructing shelves to be donated the Lower Camp.What good kids!

Meanwhile, lucky Second Session CITs like Tal, Rachel, Adi, Mirea, Allie and the others were beaching it at Wingaersheek Beach in Gloucester, enjoying some much-deserved R&R and continued group bonding. We sure missed you guys on campus today!

In Trips Camps, campers were off enjoying amazing escapades. Aqua Adventures were kayaking on the Essex River on this glorious day. The group of Extreme Sports aficionados were are climbing to their hearts’ content at Rockspot. The Daytrippers were at Six Flags, doing all one can at an incredible amusement park, and the Into the Woods group were enjoying over 700 acres of forest and meadow walking trails at Bradley Palmer State Park.

We can’t forget about Circus Camp! The acrobats had some choice time this morning, circus-style. Their choices? Stilt-walking, juggling, time on the lyra or the triple trapeze, unicycle practice. Yup, that’s how they roll in Circus Camp.

Finally, we’d like to tell you more about the young rock stars in Building the Band, but we don’t want to give too much away before tomorrow’s concert. Suffice it to say that they are stoked about playing tunes from such famed rockers as Bill Withers, the legendary BB King, and Alan Reinstein (yes, that’s CIT director Alan Reinstein!) during their performance that ends their week-long program. At 10:30 this morning, they were returning from refueling with a snack to rehearse for tomorrow’s concert!

We told you there was a lot going on. Pretty awesome, right?Upper CampBanner110406400_10153411009386210_7287593099508650175_n11752544_10153405207566210_7130373898399933803_n