Lower Camp Concerts This Week – Spotlight on Emily, Music Specialist

13709978_10154171464771210_8250445219270386521_nNo one could be more suited to making music with our littlest campers. If you’ve seen her in action, then you know what we’re talking about. Music specialist Emily Tran, in her second summer at Beaver, is a pro at what she does – she’s talented, she’s kind, she’s downright ebullient. Emily loves Lower Campers because they’re so open to trying it all. They certainly keep her on her toes! And the campers love her too! 

Here’s what a typical 35 minute music session with Emily looks like:

  • Each session usually includes between 8 and 12 songs.13906871_10154196251561210_7687457731235193018_n
  • She always begins with a camper-favorite, “Happy”, by way of welcome.
  • Then they run through a few chanting or silly songs – like “Apple Tree” or “5 Little Monkeys
  • Next up are two movement songs – the kids get up and dance. These usually involve an instrument – in Emily’s repertoire are guitar, shakers, and drums. Props like scarves are often incorporated too!
  • Then Emily introduces a sit down song that invites campers to to fill in the blank, mad-lib style. Some favorites are “Aiken Drum” and “If All the Raindrops
  • By then, campers are ready for some cool down songs – typically accompanied by hand movements.
  • Alas, the session finishes with one of Emily’s favorite goodbye songs. We love “Mahalo”!

We hope you enjoy this week’s Lower Camp Music Concerts. Stay tuned for videos of the events!