Lower Camp Presents: Snow White!

Three and four-year-old lower campers gathered excitedly in Beaver’s Black Box Theatre on Friday morning to watch their five-year-old friends in this year’s play production.  Arranged by Denny, lower camp drama specialist, to give the kids an opportunity to dress up, have fun, and perform for an audience.  After practicing during their activity time for the last two weeks, the kids were ready!

When the lights dimmed, the show was announced: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves!

Dressed up as fairies, dwarves, and townsfolk, campers danced, twirled, skipped and marched their roles.  And of course there was plenty of singing!  Delightful props on the set were created and colored by lower campers enhanced the fun and lively performance.  Music specialist Emily provided beautiful accompaniment on the piano for songs throughout the play.

The show even featured a talking mirror!  It exclaimed that the fairest of them all was none other than Snow White!  Played by camp counselor Natalie in Snow White’s traditional red and blue fancy gown, it was easy for all to see she WAS the fairest in the land!  The evil queen, portrayed by Chipmunk head counselor Rilie, wanted to banish Snow White to the forest, but the kind townsfolk, skillfully played by lower campers, told her NO!  But once in the woods, Snow White was lost and fell asleep.  To her surprise, the forest fairies, played by lower campers dressed in sparkly tutus in beautiful colors, came to her aid.  Dancing and flying, they brought Snow White to safety.

Working and whistling, Snow White and the fairies soon were tired, and stopped for another nap.  Along came the dwarves, played by lower campers in fun hats and woodland garb.  SHHHH!  They noticed Snow White was sleeping!  “Who is it?”  They wondered. “It’s a GIRL!”  Snow White introduced herself to the dwarves, and they were surprised that it as the PRINCESS!  Kindly, the dwarves offered her their humble home, and she made them all supper.  Once they were full, Snow White sang them a song about her favorite wish, and all sang along.  “I’m wishing, I’m wishing, for the one I love…”  sang the cast.

Meanwhile, back at the castle, the evil queen was becoming angry!  The magic mirror said that Snow White was STILL the fairest! Creating a potion, she dipped in shiny red apple… intended to get rid of Snow White once and for all!  Back at the forest, Snow White and friends promised NOT to talk to strangers as they went to work in the forest.  Despite their promise, the evil queen convinced Snow White and friends to eat their poison apples, and they all fell into a deep sleep…

“What has happened to Snow White!” exclaimed the dwarves.  “She is in trouble!”  They called the princes to come help. Lower campers dressed in their fanciest royal outfits, sprinkled magic dust on Snow White and the fairies.  The princes invited them all to their palace, and all lived happily ever after!

The entire cast combined for a finale of “Whistle While You Work”, and at the end, the crowd erupted in cheers and clapping… it was a success!  She show was loved by all!