Lower Camp Swimming Routines

11751969_10153362543866210_2628954321888786118_nOur youngest campers are super-excited to show off their aquatic skills and share their affection for our fantastic lifeguards during our See-Me-Swims this week. If you’ve ever been to the pool area, you know it is always brimming with dazzling smiles and cheerful splashing among our proud and delighted campers. This is especially true during See-Me-Swim days as Lower Campers show off some of their routines for their families.

For a bit more context, we thought we’d share with you some specifics about the typical daily swim programs in which the three, four, and five-year-old cuties partake. Here are approximate agendas by age group:

Three-year-olds (30 minutes daily):

  • Meet with the lifeguards by picnic tables on grass, remove shoes and towels
  • Gather around the little pool as a group for hellos and reconnecting with lifeguards
  • A few cycles of peanut butter (slow) and jelly (fast) kicks, simulated sandwich making and sharing (for connecting), followed by wiping off peanut butter and jelly with water to acclimate to water
  • Get in little pool, sing “Slippery Fish” or “The Pirate Song”
  • Splashing around and more songs
  • Choice – depending on comfort level –  between swimming in the big pool with counselor or lifeguard (wow – a 1:1 ratio!)  – blowing bubbles, kicking, swimming for 5-6 minutes
  • OR playing with brand new toys in the little pool
  • Clean up, goodbyes, back to picnic area with counselors

Four and five-year-olds (30 minutes daily):

  • Meet with swim instructors at picnic tables
  • Group gathers in instructing pool for games
  • Lifeguard tells her or his own personalized “Bob” story. Each time she or he uses the word “Bob” in any way, swimmers jump up and down, dunking under, acclimating to water
  • Swimmers practice fun skill drills in water: using water barbells, kicking, doing blast offs, and then they put all together
  • Playing cool swimming games like “Motorboat” or “What Time is it Mr Fox?”
  • Lifeguards say goodbye to campers
  • Counselors go with them for shoes and towels at picnic tables11738016_10153362542211210_3941002524774932083_n11742734_10153362541941210_5357353096846858277_n