Lower Campers show their stuff at See Me Swim day!

Lower Campers had the opportunity to show off their aquatic skills this week at the much-anticipated “See Me Swim” Day, as parents arrived during morning swim lessons to check out what campers have learned.

“For many Lower Campers, ages 3-5, Beaver Camp provides the first experience with swim lessons.” explains Larry McKinney, long time Aquatics Director.  “At this age, the swim program provides 1-on-1 attention for our new swimmers, playing games in the baby pool and singing songs to help acclimate them to being in the water, and making it a fun experience.”

For new Beaver Camp parents Joe and Nikki, this experience has been significant for their 3-year-old son.  “A couple of months ago he was fearful to enter the water, but now he will get in the water with just about anyone that is willing to take him. He jumps in fearlessly!” describes Joe.  “We loved attending See Me Swim day… seeing how much fun our son was having in the water and how much confidence he has gained in getting in the water was fantastic!”

As swimmers grow, the program grows with them.  Campers graduate to the teaching pool, working with lifeguards and counselors in a group lesson.  “Our lifeguards do a great job developing a program to help build strong skills, such as kicks, back and front floats, and bobbing, which work toward stroke development.” continues Larry.

At age 5, campers with more advanced swim skills can move to the Dolphins group, where the focus is on learning the front and back crawl, as well as basic rotary breathing, but they also have the opportunity to swim in the deep end. They work to build up their endurance and comfort in the water.

“We couldn’t be more thankful of the work that camp has done.” continues Joe.  “At the end of each day, I always ask him what his favorite part was and he responds with going in the water!”