Making Friends – A Camper Article

The following article was submitted by first year Beaver camper, Selam, who has enjoyed her summer camp experience so much that she wanted to share some details and advice for future campers.


             Selam sings a solo during a performance                                               

Hi! My name is Selam Ianno! And I am 10 years old. I go to Kennedy Middle School in Natick, and I am going into 5th grade! The camps that I have done at Beaver are Senior Camp and Beaver Off Broadway! And this session I am in Circus Camp!  

I felt really nervous when I was about to start camp this summer, but when I settled in I was really happy that I had this chance to go to Beaver!

Something  that you should know about Beaver Summer Camp is that it is really easy to make friends! All you really have to do is go to your first elective… Oops! I forgot to tell you if you are in Senior or Upper camp  for your whole day you’re  going to be doing electives! Electives are different things, or as you can say stations. For example, some of the stations are cooking, adventure challenges, gaga, drama, sewing, and tech lab!!! They’re all very fun!!!!  


            Singing a duet during Senior Camp’s Talent Show

When summer ends, I think I will miss all of the fun things that I have learned! And also I will miss the encouraging things, like the teachers!! And Beaver has shown me something  – that anything is possible!

OK! Now back to making friends! As I said, it is soooo easy to make friends! All you really have to do is just go up to your first elective and go up to a random person and say your name, what you’re really excited to do, and in less than five seconds you will have a new friend!!!

I think the happiest moment was when I did not know anybody, but then I had so many friends at the end of the day!

Good luck!!!  You will have an awesome  time!!!!!


                                                              Beaver off Broadway’s Tooth and Claw