My Favorite Thing at Beaver Summer Camp Is…

It’s Friday already!  How did that happen?!?  Today wraps up our first exciting week of camp here at Beaver.

This morning we met up with several Lower Camp groups as they took a break from their activity schedules to enjoy a snack.  We asked just one question:

What is your FAVORITE thing at Beaver Summer Camp?

Here are some of the enthusiastic responses we received:




Adventure Challenge

Outdoor Games


The Jungle

Making Monsters in Ceramics (Sounds so fun!)



The Beaver Itself! (Love the Beaver mascot!)

And my personal favorite…POPSICLES!

After pondering thoughtfully over

my question, some campers simply said:


They claim it is just too hard to decide, that they love it all!


So there you have it!  With the first week of Beaver Camp in the books, we are looking forward to more adventures (and popsicles) next week!