New Activities for 2016

While our programs at Beaver are full of great activities that have been favorites for many years, we are always introducing new activities that we believe our campers will quickly learn to love. The summer of 2016 will be no exception as we add a variety of new opportunities for campers to play, learn, and have fun. Take a look at our New Activity Video or read along to learn more:
Pickleball. A popular, fast-growing paddle sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. Upper and Senior campers will have incredible fun playing singles or doubles as they develop hand-eye coordination. Our portable nets will be able to be set up both indoors and outdoors.

Pedal Karts. What could be more fun as a child than driving a go-kart powered by your own legs! We’ve purchased 6 new Berg Pedal Karts that will be used by our Middle, Upper, and Senior Campers to cruise around campus. Can you say, “Beaver Grand Prix!”

Plasma Cars. A new fleet of self-propelled plasma cars has been purchased for our Lower Campers, giving them increased opportunities for more fun and free play!

Golf Lessons. Senior Campers will have the opportunity to choose golf lessons as one of their extended morning electives during several weeks of the summer. We’ve partnered with the Brookline Golf Course at Putterham right up the street from Beaver. Keep an eye out for communications prior to camp regarding how to sign up for this new activity.

Disc Golf. A classic game combining frisbees and golf, disc golf will be played with portable targets all across our campus. Upper and Senior Campers will be able to choose it as an afternoon elective.

Sewing. Senior Campers will have the option during more weeks of the summer to develop their sewing and knitting skills in morning electives. Expert staff will be utilizing our costume shop to sew everything from items of clothing to bags and other accessories.

Fishing. After a successful pilot program last summer, we are ready to launch a new fishing activity with Senior Campers. Campers will develop skills in hopes of reeling in a “big one” at Hammond Pond and other nearby locations.

Don’t be surprised if a few more new activities emerge between now and summer as we continue to innovate!