Session 1 CITs

CITs take a well deserved trip to Apex Entertainment

Our session one Counselors In Training (CIT) have spent the last few weeks helping counselors work with younger campers, learning behavior management, team-building, communication and activity leadership. The CIT group is made up of people ages 13 to 15, who work for four weeks helping out in different camp groups and activities. Through this program, […]

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Coach DiBenedetto Named to Hall of Fame

The Director and Head Coach of our Tri-Star Soccer Camp, Lorenzo DiBenedetto, has just been named to the Massachusetts Soccer Coaches Association Hall of Fame. The association bestowed this award to DiBenedetto “in recognition and appreciation of (his) many years of dedication to high school soccer.” He has coached at East Boston High School (his […]

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Design With Purpose Specialty Programs

At Beaver, the design process is all about finding new ways to improve the world around us. As our campers develop new skills and collaborate with their peers, real world challenges present them with endless opportunities to tap into their own creativity. Through our series of week long immersive experiences, campers will develop new skills […]

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