Perspectives and Friendship – Beaver off Broadway’s Newest Enterprise


Beaver off Broadway’s back! This session and next, our young performers will be planning, creating, designing, singing, and dancing in this summer’s original musical dramas. Here are some teaser details about Session Two’s ambitious and exciting venture:

  • The actors: 22 students entering grades four through seven – seven actors are returning from last summer!
  • Other supporting players: Our experienced, enthusiastic Directors –  Tracy Allen, Zoe Clayton and Siv Anderson
  • The script: Another inspired creation by Zoe Clayton, enticingly titled Tooth and Claw
  • Characters: Corresponding groups of humans and monsters (you read that right, monsters!)
  • Setting: Warring Kingdoms
  • Conflict: Essentially, the story is about what often unfortunately causes tension among humans: misunderstanding.
  • Themes: Making a change toward something positive; understanding others’ perspectives; humans coming together; dispelling misconceptions about unfamiliar groups
  • Why the story is especially meaningful: Not only does it provide campers with an opportunity to explore friendship and interpersonal relationships, it also explores real issues going on today, including misconceptions about unfamiliar groups of people.
  • Songs adapted for Tooth and Claw: “When I Grow Up” from Matilda, “I Know It’s Today” and “Gonna Build a Wall” from Shrek, and “Seize the Day” from Newsies

Check out an early photo album here. For more info on the storyline, come check out a performance next week or stay tuned for a comprehensive video of the event on Beaver’s Youtube page!