Reflections on Camping – by Counselor-in-Training, Oona Sullivan

CIT articleThis summer’s Counselors in Training finished up their responsibilities this afternoon. We’ll see the smiling faces of many upon our return on Monday, but sadly, we’ll be saying goodbye to some as well. All CITs did a wonderful job these past four weeks supporting staff and engaging with campers, and they learned many valuable lessons. The following article was written by Counselor in Training, Oona Sullivan, hours after returning from the CIT overnight hiking and camping trip to Mt. Monadnock. Fittingly, its tone is one of nostalgia and wisdom. Wow, her Beaver English teachers must be proud!

Throughout my childhood, I always created an artificial image of what the ultimate camping experience would be like. Now, let me tell you, I’ve seen the Hannah Montana episode, and I always imagined that I could pop a tent into the ground in a millisecond (I cannot). I wish I could tell you that the smell of bug spray and numbness that my toes have experienced was the most exhilarating part (it was not). Have you ever felt something that simply cannot be expressed in words? There’s a fire that burns inside of you, that takes control of your every being as a person, when you reach the top of a mountain you never imagined climbing, with people you could one day meet for coffee, reminiscing on the blood stained shirts from cuts we could remember as stories. Yes, people will say that camping isn’t for everybody, but awakening at 6:15 AM with caffeine withdrawals in your tent that you called home for the night fills you with a rush that someday, hopefully once my muscles don’t feel like overcooked noodles, I can do it again. Only with Beaver Summer Camp.