Senior Camp: Intense Competition for the Liberty Cup!

Senior Campers descended upon the Black Box Theatre Friday morning to complete for the coveted Liberty Cup!  The second of two Senior Camp events to celebrate 4th of July week, the RED, BLUE, ORANGE, and GREEN teams faced off in a series of challenges lead by counselor Christine.

First event, Trivia, had teams answering fun questions in history, science, and pop culture. A favorite question was: “What is Lady Gaga’s REAL first name?”, and drew chants and cheers from teams: “FIRE” and “Feel the BURN” from the Red team was answered with “GO BLUE!”  Ultimately, the GREEN team were the victors!

In the next event, teams tested their musical knowledge, guessing songs based on the first TEN seconds of the song alone!  Counselor Briana chose quite a tough selection, including songs from each of the last 3 decades!  Talk about intense!!!  In the end, ORANGE demonstrated superior music prowess and rose above the other teams to win the challenge!

Then it was time for the “Minute to Win It!”  For each challenge, teams were given ONE minute to accomplish the assigned task to win points.  First, teams were tasked with stacking as many pennies as they could using only one hand!  It was a tight race, but when the dust settled, it was Spencer from the GREEN team collecting the points!  The next crazy event involved teams stacking as many dice as possible on top of a popsicle stick while a camper held the stick in his/her mouth before the tower fell.  Crazy right?!?  Teams took turns stacking while campers watched in anticipation… and the BLUE team managed the tallest stack with five!

And finally the Relay Races!!!  As teams lined up, chants of “RED”, “GO GREEN, and “BLUE ROCKS” (to the beat of “We Will Rock You”) could be heard from the crowd… Christine announced the challenge, a chop stick marshmallow grab!  Teammates used chop sticks, to grab a marshmallow, run across the stage, and drop their marshmallow into a cup waiting on the other side.  After running, back campers tagged a teammate waiting at the start line.  The race was on… and GREEN wins!  Then the frisbee toss!  Each teammate needed to hit the target, then hand off the frisbee to the next teammate… and RED completes the task first!

The overall results were tallied (drumroll please…) and it’s the GREEN team taking home the Liberty Cup!  The team erupted in cheers!

Wow!  What a fun experience!