Senior Campers Challenged to complete a photo scavenger hunt!

Each Senior Camp Squad, along with the squad counselor, received a list of subjects to find all around campus.  The objective was the collect the most points by taking photos with/of the assigned things along the scavenger hunt route.  The squad earning the most points won the challenge, along with bragging rights!

Additionally, squads submitted photos to compete for the title of Best Photo in one of four different categories: creativity, silliness, teamwork, and the Beaver Way.  Check out some of the awesome photo submissions:

Erin and Briana’s Squad stepped up their game and combined two of the challenges into one picture by including creativity in the Adventure Challenge harness photo.










Sammy’s Squad channeled their inner wild animal to create their silliest photo in the Jungle!





Aryn and Briana’s group showed some serious teamwork, using each member of the squad to spell out BEAVER!

But at the end of the day, it was Dylan’s team that took home the WIN!  Great work to all our squads!