Senior Campers Solve Mystery of the Missing Beaver!

11760087_10153389049421210_6496170797798584065_nYou remember Clue, the Whodunit? board game from childhood days? Beaver Camp Senior Campers are fondly familiar with the pastime, especially after their epically interactive and motile experience this morning. Here are the directions, in case you’d like to play at home.

Players: 90-100 enthusiastic, adventurous, and shrewd campers.

Contents: One outstanding summer camp, a group of dedicated and inspired directors, counselors and specialists, incredible facilities and a gorgeous summer day. Also, one giant beaver, a cleverly-crafted introductory video, and an assortment of paper products and writing utensils.

Goal: To correctly identify the kidnapper of the beaver, the location of the crime, and the motive.

Setup: Wow, a tremendous amount of organizing, communication, and logistical preparation were put into the planning of this extraordinary game. And it was all kept a secret from campers until this morning when the game commenced!


Step One: Listen carefully to the directions, gather in groups with your assigned counselor or specialist.

Step Two: Following your itinerary, travel within your group from location to location among the camp.

Step Three: Solve logical puzzles and perform physical challenges at each station successfully, thereby earning clues from the Beaver staff member manning each location. The clues will assist you in narrowing down suspects.

Step Four: Meet at designated location on lower field to submit your guesses and find out who committed the crime of kidnapping the beaver.

Step Five: Congratulate yourselves and your fellow campers on a job well done and express your gratitude to your imaginative, supportive, and devoted counselors. Finally, give a hearty high-five to the beaver too, to welcome him back safely.