Snow Days and Summer

SnowAs these snow days continue to pile on during the winter of 2015, one question on the minds of many is how they will affect summer. The answer will vary with each school district, but there’s no question that all public school children in Massachusetts will be in school longer than usual this June. Even as most public school calendars will now overlap with the start of our camp season, Beaver will begin as planned on Monday, June 22. Our staff will be in place ready to welcome campers and deliver our full program. We know that many pre-schoolers and private school children will be done with their school year by that time. And in our experience, we know that many public school children remain enrolled in camp so they can participate in certain days of our opening week.

Our goal is to make it possible for each of our camp families to customize the start of their camp season as needed. We will make specific details available once winter is fully over and we have a better handle on the specific end dates for local schools. But rest assured that there will be various options to prorate session 1 as needed. For now we recommend that you remain registered and adjust as needed when we present our prorating options.

As a resource to you, here are links to the local school district calendars:
Brookline Public Schools
Newton Public Schools
Boston Public Schools
Needham Public Schools
Wellesley Public Schools